Senior Class Update 12.17.20

Senior Class Update 12.17.20
Posted on 12/18/2020

Senior Class Update (12-04-2020)

Good evening students and parents of Class of 2021, 

Last week we met with the Senior Class Representatives to discuss end of year activities in hopes that we can still come together in May and June. After talking with our seniors, we agreed that we should open up the conversation to seniors and their parents to gain more input before making decisions. We will hold a virtual meeting this Thursday, December 17th, at 5 p.m., and there are three areas we need feedback on from both our seniors and their parents:


  1. First, there is the potential to change the graduation start time. Graduation is expected to be held on Tuesday, June 15th.  In prior years graduation has been at 2 p.m., however, consideration to change it to 7 p.m. has been brought up. The later start time would mean cooler temperatures since it can be incredibly hot at 2 p.m. As part of this change, we could also make the graduation ceremony into more of a graduation party event. We could potentially hire a DJ or band to perform with everyone on the field and track area after the event. In prior years, students turned in their cap and gowns and dispersed to the activity room to pick up their diplomas. If we move this location to the stadium, the seniors could remain on the field enjoying cake and drinks as people mingle and take photos. This start time change would require a vote by the School Site Governance Team as it impacts teachers and staff and the length of their work day.  Before asking SSGT to take a vote, we wanted to run the idea by our seniors and parents first.  


  1. The second item is whether to rent all caps and gowns to seniors and not allow seniors the opportunity to buy their own cap and gown. As a policy, the school is required to provide all students (for free) their caps and gowns for graduation. As a result, each senior will be provided one to use for the day of graduation.  We would give out the gowns to seniors the day before during rehearsals. 

Typically we offer rental or purchase each year. Students can decide to buy their own cap and gown or rent. Both rented and purchased are the same, but students are able to keep purchased caps and gowns after the ceremony. Each year there is always confusion over whether students have to buy the graduation package or not. It has never been required, but it has still  been confusing because the cap and gown company makes it seem like one needs to be purchased. 

Additionally, the tassel seniors get is also borrowed, if the cap and gown is rented. This year we are thinking about using some of the senior money raised to buy all seniors a graduation tassel- regardless if they buy or rent their gowns.  The cap and gown company charges $15 for tassels, but we think we can get them for $6 dollars or less.  As a result of these factors, we would like feedback about whether to ONLY rent caps and gowns or to still allow the option of purchasing.  

  1.  The final input we need from seniors is where and when to hold prom.  

 There are several places the senior leadership team have been researching, but we  

 wanted to gather input as to what seniors think is best. There are pros and cons to 

 various venues. We will share these options at the virtual meeting.  

Parents, please discuss the first two items with your senior so they know how to respond when providing us feedback.   

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