UCHS Update 9.10.20

UCHS Update 9.10.20
Posted on 09/10/2020


Use of Technology and Social Media (9-10-2020)


Hello All, I need to share three important updates in relation to technology and social media. 

First, periodically we get news of social media postings that are inappropriate for young people to view. We cannot control what is published through social media sites, but we can encourage parents to stay connected with their student with regards to what they are viewing and what they are publishing. While most young people will not want this, we have an obligation to make sure we keep our students safe.  Additionally, if our parents and students notice something concerning about a safety issue or whether they are worried about the mental health of a fellow classmate, they should reach out to us to make sure our students are getting help and support they need.

To improve communication with our students, the staff at UCHS has decided to begin the process of allowing our students access to a SDUSD GMAIL account.  This account will allow students to communicate with their teachers, fellow students, and other SDUSD staff.  It will not, however, allow outside people to send or receive emails from the student activated GMAIL accounts.  We ask all students with their parents complete this document to set up a student SDUSD GMAIL account (En Espanol). 

Last, we have received the shipment in for new computers to the school. There is a slight change in that students who already have a fully functioning district computer will keep the one they have been assigned.  If it is broken and not working, students are to contact this number (619-732-1400) to let IT know what is not working. If they can fix it over the phone, they will.  If they can’t, they will direct the student to the nearest exchange place for a new computer.  Please know this will not be UCHS.  We can’t give out computer exchanges, we can only give out computers to students who have NOT received one from the district.

On Monday through Friday next week we will be giving out computers to those WHO HAVE NOT GOTTEN A DISITRICT COMPUTER.  Students or their parents should bring their ID to speed up the process.

·       Monday, September 14th, from 8-10 am, 9th Graders with last names A-J

·       Monday, September 14th, from 1-3 pm, 9th Graders with last names K-Z

·       Tuesday, September 15th, from 8-10 am, 10th Graders with last names A-J

·       Tuesday, September 15th, from 1-3 pm, 10th Graders with last names K-Z

·       Wednesday, September 16th, from 8-10 am, 11th Graders with last names A-J

·       Wednesday, September 16th, from 1-3 pm, 11th Graders with last names K-Z

·       Thursday, September 17th, from 8-10 am, 12th Graders with last names A-J

·       Thursday, September 17th, from 1-3 pm, 12th Graders with last names K-Z

·       Friday. September 18th, from 8-10 am, All Grades

·       Friday, September 18th, from 1-3 pm, All Grades

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